Sock Collection

Scrappy Quilt Socks

This fingering weight sock design works with scraps or from one skein. They feature the ‘Umbrella Toe’ and a ‘Garter Edged Heel’.

Fairground Socks

This fingering weight sock design is perfect for self striping yarn and it includes two heel options. These socks simply fly off the needles.

Spring Shorty Socks

These gorgeous fingering socks feature a garter edged heel turn and the ‘Umbrella Toe’. They are inspired by spring and perfect to wear through the season.

Winterfest Socks

This fingering weight sock design is perfect for tonal yarn. The design is inspired by warm and cosy Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Beachcomber Socks

These gorgeous fingering socks feature a ‘French’ heel turn and the ‘Cottage Toe’. Inspired by lazy days on the beach they are the perfect summer knit.

Wizardy Socks

Kays latest sock pattern is inspired by Remus Lupin. The Wizardy Sock pattern includes a fingering weight AND a DK version. 

Rumple Socks

Inspired by the wonderful ‘Mr Gold’ from the TV show ‘Once Upon a Time’, these wonderful fingering weight socks are perfect for all levels of knitter. 

Swirlywoo Socks

Kay’s latest sock design features some gorgeous colourwork. Whilst they may look complex, like all the best things in life, they are actually deceptively easy to knit.

Tinsel Socks

The ‘Tinsel Socks’ were designed to utilise those gorgeous mini skein sets we all seem to horde. They are a hugely addictive knit and themed with the right colours, they are the perfect socks all year round.

Prom Queen Socks

Kays latest sock design is inspired by the high school prom. The ‘Prom Queen Socks’ feature a beautiful lace motif reminiscent of a the switching dresses you see at any wonderful ‘Prom’. 

Just Add Magic

This wonderful pattern was originally conceived by Kay many years ago. They are without her favourite sock pattern to date. They fly off the needles as if by magic! 

Lattice Topped Socks

Kays latest sock design is inspired by the apple pies of our youth. The contrast yarn stripes signify the apple filling and the lace the crisp lattice top.

Floofy House Socks

These decadent socks are knitted with DK yarn with some fluffy mohair and are perfect for evenings in. Whether your watching a movie or reading your favourite book, the Floofy House Socks will be the perfect companions. 

School House Socks

The School House Socks celebrate our daughters final year at school! They feature a gorgeous lace pattern on the leg which returns on the toe. The socks finish with Kays ‘Umbrella Toe’. 

Moss Eccles Socks

The Moss Eccles Socks are inspired by the birthplace of ‘Jeremy Fisher’, Moss Eccles Tarn. These lace socks are an engaging but relaxing knit, perfect for a lazy summer afternoon. 

Vanilla Cream Socks

This vanilla sock pattern shares with you all Kays secrets for knitting the perfect sock. Included with the pattern are six detailed video tutorials. The pattern is also perfect for ALL abilities of knitter.

Sherwood Socks

These gorgeous socks were inspired by Maid Marion & Robin Hood. They feature stunning cables, beautiful lace and a wonderful motif which runs down the back of the socks.

Amore Sampler Socks

This wonderful sock pattern features ten different lace designs, giving you a catalogue of stitches that you can use for your future sock knitting.

Winter Solstice

‘Winter Solstice’ are the final pattern in Kay’s ‘Winter Collection’. They feature a traditional heel flap and gusset and Kays ‘Umbrella Toe’.


Flurry are the second pair of socks in the 2020 Winter Collection. They feature a traditional heel flap and gusset and Kays ‘Cottage Toe’. 

Snow Forest

In December 2020 join Kay for the release of her ‘Winter Collection’. It starts with ‘Snow Forest’, a stunning pair of socks featuring Kays ‘Umbrella Heel’ and her ‘Umbrella Toe’.


Kays latest sock pattern was designed to reflect the feel of Scotland and the determination to succeed in life. They feature a twisted panel down the outside of each leg surrounded by a cosy texture pattern.


This stunning new sock design is inspired by the story of Cinderella. Every element of this fingering weight sock pattern reflects the moments in the story that make our hearts sing!

Village Fete

This beautiful fingering weight sock pattern was inspired by ‘Maypole’s and traditional english village fete’s. It features lace, contrast heel’s and a contract ‘Umbrella Toe’. 

Fairy Wings

This fingering weight sock pattern features a traditional Shetland motif lace panels and the ‘Umbrella Toe’. The design itself represents delicately fluttering fairy wings. 

Tea at Downton

This gorgeous sock pattern was inspired by high tea at Downton Abbey. It features beautiful lace motifs, a french heel and Kay’s ‘Umbrella Toe’. The pattern also features an original story from Dan.

Umbrella Socks

Kays latest sock pattern has been years in the making. Determined to create a toe up sock pattern that she loved, Kay has re-thought every stage in the process. The result are these great fitting socks. The pattern includes four video tutorials as Kay shares the brand new techniques she has created specifically for this pattern.

Crunkled Socks

Inspired after writing letters to family, Kay created the ‘Crunkled Socks’. This squishy sock pattern flies off the needles and it includes a video tutorial for Kay’s ‘Two Stitch’ heel pick up.

Short & Sweet

This lovely sock pattern was designed specifically for our ‘Knitting University’. It is available FREE to Silver, Gold & Platinum Patrons and it accompanies a six part video tutorial series.

Yuletide Socks

Kay’s latest sock pattern is the stunning ‘Yuletide Socks’. Currently available to ALL Bakery Bear Patrons until the 31st December 2019 FREE, this gorgeous pair of socks features a range of seasonal motifs and knits up in super quick time! The ‘Yuletide Socks’ are the perfect holiday knit.


The ‘Clementine’ socks are a gorgeous fingering weight sock design featuring Kays ‘Umbrella Toe’.  The stitch pattern represents a starry night sky and they are inspired by the character, Clementine, who we created for the Swish & Flick Collective. The pattern includes original artwork by Kay and a brand new ‘Clementine’ story from Dan.

Shell Cove

‘Shell Cove’ are a pair of socks inspired by Shell Cottage from the book ‘Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows’. They feature a beautiful lace design that depicts shells scattered on a beautiful sandy beach. They feature a heel flap and gusset and Kay’s ‘Cottage’ toe.

Mr Fisher

The ‘Mr Fisher’ socks are the third and final pattern in the ‘Miss Potter Sock Club 2’. They are inspired by Beatrix Potter’s gentle little frog, Mr Jeremy Fisher. ‘Mr Fisher’ features a fun and addictive textured pattern, a slipped stitch heel and they feature Kay’s ‘Umbrella Toe’. 


‘Nutkin’ is the second pattern in the ‘Miss Potter Sock Club 2’. They are inspired by Beatrix Potter’s adventurous squirrel, Squirrel Nutkin. The design features twisted stitches and columns of lace. ‘Nutkin’ includes a garter edged heel flap and gusset and Kay’s ‘Cottage Toe’.

Mrs Tiggy

The ‘Mrs Tiggy’ socks are the first pattern in the ‘Miss Potter Sock Club 2’. They are inspired by Beatrix Potter’s wonderful hedgehog, Mrs Tiggy-winkle. ‘Mrs Tiggy’ features a lovely lace pattern, a heel flap and gusset and they feature Kay’s ‘Umbrella Toe’. 

Twinkle & Dance

This beautiful pair of socks features a lace motif in the leg and a lovely texture pattern in the foot. Twinkle & dance was inspired by Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.

Whispers in the Walls

These gorgeous cable and lace socks were inspired by Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. 

Rhapsody Socks

The Rhapsody Socks were inspired by the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. They are quick and fun to knit and are suitable for all levels of knitter.

Prairie Socks

A soothing fingering weight sock pattern inspired by the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Three Chimneys Socks

A beautiful fingering weight sock pattern, inspired by the home of ‘The Railway Children’.

Promenade Socks

A stunning fingering weight sock pattern with a gentle garter stitch and lace motif. 

Drippity Drop Socks

An intricate slip stitch sock pattern, perfect for variegated fingering weight yarn.

Incantation Socks

A delicate lace sock pattern, designed with fingering weight yarn. The inspiration for this design was the wonderful Professor Severus Snape. 


This first design featured in the ‘Miss Potter Sock Club’, was inspired by the story of Jemima Puddle Duck. 


This is the second design from the ‘Miss Potter Sock Club’ and it’s inspiration was Peter Rabbit. 


The final design from the ‘Miss Potter Sock Club’ was inspired by Thomasina Tittlemouse. 

Dandelion Socks

This pattern was specially designed for self striping fingering weight yarn. It features a short row heel and a special stitch pattern which accentuates each colour change. 

All is Calm

This fingering weight yarn pattern features cosy garter stitch and eyelets. The design was inspired by falling snow at Christmas.  

A Bookmark for Dobby

What can we say about this miniature design? Knit this and you will not only have ‘Dobby’s sock, but you will also have a gorgeous bookmark.


Blizzard is the very first pattern of the 2019 Platinum Collection! These gorgeous lace socks are perfect for keeping you cozy on chilly nights.