Kay just adores designing socks, they are her obsession. You can find all her creations here. Click ‘View Patterns’ to see them all.

Shawls, Cowls & Hats

Welcome to our hat, shawls, wraps and cowls collection. Click ‘View Patterns’ to see them all.


Kay loves a great blanket, and this is the place to find them all. If you would like to take a closer look at them, click ‘View Patterns’.

Soft Toys

This is how it all began! Mrs Bakery Bear was the first and she was closely followed by Mr Bakery Bear. Miss Gelato Giraffe came not long after and we must not forget Mr Fitzwilliam Fox. Meet the whole family by clicking ‘View Patterns’.


Here at the ‘Bakery Bears’ we just adore mitts. Whatever the weather there is always an excuse to wear them! Find our ever growing collection of gorgeous mitts by clicking ‘View Patterns’.

Free Patterns

We’ve created a lovely little area for all Kay’s free patterns right here. Every pattern listed in this collection already appears in the relevant category above. If you’d like to get straight to the free stuff, click ‘View Patterns’ to see them all.

Platinum Collection

An exclusive range of patterns, designed especially for Bakery Bear Platinum Patrons. The Platinum Collection launched in 2018 with four patterns, it continued with another four exclusive patterns in 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022. The 2023 collection commenced on the 24th of December 2022.

The Swish & Flick Collective

Kay’s brand new design collection is inspired by the books of Harry Potter. Seven books, seven patterns with one collection to rule them all! Starting on the 31st of May, one pattern will be released every month with the collection ending on the 29th of November 2019. Also with each pattern read more of the magical story of ‘Clementine’.