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Quick Review Series

From needles to yarn, swifts to wool wash and so much more. Find out what we love and what we don’t here in our ever growing series of quick reviews.

Extended Review Series

To properly review yarn, we think it needs three stages. Off the shelf, in progress and off the needles. This is the place to find our extended yarn reviews.

Quest for Sock Yarn

Join Kay for this four episode series as she searches for sock yarn to match her beloved Opal.

Top 5 Yarns Series

Right folks, its time for Kay to step up to the plate and crown her top five yarns of the year. Click ‘See More’ to access Kay’s favourite yarns series which commenced in 2015. 

How Socks Wear

Join Kay for a close inspection of a range of socks featuring different patterns, sock yarns, heels and toes. Kay takes you through in detail how each has worn over months and in some cases years. THIS is her special report into ‘How Socks Wear’.

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