Ollivander Shawl

The inspiration for this design came from Kay’s love of Harry Potter. One of her favourite scenes is when Harry goes shopping for his first wand. He walks into Mr Ollivander’s shop and finds ‘his’ wand.

The Fibonacci sequence was used in this pattern to create the stripes. It occurs many times in nature and it seemed a very wizardly thing to use. The border is designed to look like the ladder Mr Ollivander uses to find Harry’s wand.


You will need two skeins of fingering weight yarn, one variegated and the other a matching solid


4mm (US size 6) 32 inch (80cm) or longer circular knitting needle and a tapestry needle


Finished width 76 inches (195cm)

Finished depth 18 inches (45cm) 


This is an intermediate pattern suitable for  knitters with a little experience 


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