Shawl, Cowl & Hat Collection

My Reading Shawl

Kay created ‘My Reading Shawl’ to keep her warm whilst reading on chilly evenings. The pattern utilises 24 mini skeins so it’s the perfect stash buster! 

Hadrians Cowl

In 2022 we produced a documentary series telling the story of Hadrians Wall. Hadrian’s Cowl was inspired by this series and it features colourwork motifs which signify different aspects of Roman life. It is an absolute joy to knit!

Christingle Mingle Cowl

The ‘Christingle Mingle Cowl’ was created for anyone who loves to play with colours. Utilising either mini skeins or scraps this addictive knit is perfect to wear all year round.

Sweetheart Cowl

This fingering weight cowl was designed to celebrate our visit to ‘Sweetheart Abbey’ in Southern Scotland. It features a gorgeous rib and some wonderful colourwork motif’s. This project flies off the needles! 

Bits & Bobs Cowl

The ‘Bits and Bobs Cowl’ is a stunningly cozy accessory, perfect for keeping you warm through the day.  It is knitted in the round and the fabric is created using a tremendously addictive stitch pattern.

The Dumbley Shawl

The Dumbley Shawl is a worsted weight shawl inspired by the sixth book in the Harry Potter series. The design features an addictive chain link motif and a crochet loop edging. It is currently available as part of the ‘Swish & Flick Collective’. 

Pink Sugar

‘Pink Sugar’ is a gorgeously squishy hat featuring lace, beads and a fluffy pompom.  The design was inspired by Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. ‘Pink Sugar’ is currently available as part of the ‘Swish & Flick Collective’.


Moondust is a scarf/cowl hybrid inspired by the third book in the Harry Potter series. The design features a wonderful stitch pattern which is inspired by the mountains surrounding Hogwarts. It is currently available as part of the ‘Swish & Flick Collective’. 

Prairie Hat

Inspired by the blowing wheat fields you see on the prairie’s, this beautiful fingering weight hat is perfect for your spring and autumn walks. It features a special two by two ribbing with the texture pattern representing wheat gently rustling in the breeze.

The Burrow Wrap

The first pattern in the ‘Swish and Flick Collective’ is a soft and fluffy rectangular wrap. It was inspired by Molly Weasleys desire to always take care of her wonderful family. The Burrow Wrap uses fingering weight and lace weight held together. It can be a superb stash busting project! 

Harbour Cowl

The Harbour Cowl is inspired by the gorgeous gansey sweaters often worn by fishermen. This squishy cowl is the perfect knitted accessory for him or her.


This sumptuous wrap was inspired by  the stunning landscape of the Lake District. Dobbinwood is the perfect companion for all your woodland adventures. 

Ollivander Shawl

An asymmetrical shawl knit from one point to another. The shawl utilises the Fibonacci sequence to create eye catching stripes in a design that celebrates Mr Ollivander and a phoenix.


This beautiful shawl celebrates the relationship between Mr Darcy and Lizzie from Pride & Prejudice.  


This sumptuous shawl features a central cable signifying Hadrians Wall in North East England, with panels either side depicting the stunning scenery surrounding it.

The Sock Knitters Shawl

This shawl was designed to showcase the wonderful colours in self patterning sock yarn. It is a great alternative for all those gorgeous skeins of sock yarn.

Duchess of Devonshire

This pattern was inspired by Kay’s love of Chatsworth House. The design depicts the water cascades which lay at the heart of Chatsworth Gardens.


The Neapolitan allows the colours you select to be the star of the show. It can keep you warm in winter or be light and airy in summer, depending on your yarn choices.


This bandana cowl is simple and easy to wear. The design reminds us of the stripes on a bee and the fabric created is reminiscent of a honeycomb. 

The Philosophers Cowl

This lovely cowl was inspired by the bubbling cauldron’s in Professor Snape’s classroom. 

Hedgerow Cowl

This beautifully squishy cowl utilises mini skeins of yarn to create a textured cowl with a central lace panel.


This cowl/scarf was designed by Kay & Dan. It is perfect TV or car knitting and it creates a garment that looks great on guys and girls.

Mon Ami

The Mon Ami is a colour work hat inspired by the movie, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.

The Twister

This fingering weight hat pattern is perfect when it’s a little chilly outdoors. The design represents fresh breezes blowing this way and that.

Autumn Snow

This sweet fingering weight hat, features cute stripes in a contrast yarn. It’s a quick fun project, perfect for gifts or travel knitting.

Angel Hat

The Angel Hat is the perfect thing to keep you warm on a long winter walk. The stitch pattern is rhythmic and fun to knit creating a fabric which looks great on girls or boys.