Mr Fitzwilliam Fox

So the moment has finally arrived for us to meet another member of ‘The Bakery Bears’ family. This is Mr Fitzwilliam Fox, a design which has been steered as much by what our daughter loves in her many stuffies as by Kay! Mr Fox loves to collect leaves and acorns and tuck them in his coat pockets. 

Mr Fitzwilliam Fox is knit using worsted weight yarn, with all the body pieces being knit in the round and then seamed together. He is so excited to be joining the family!!


Worsted Weight Yarn 142 yards with 17 yards in contrast colour – 4ply/fingering weight yarn 65 yards for coat with scraps for pockets – 4ply/fingering weight yarn 55 yards for socks – 4ply/fingering weight yarn 55 yards for scarf 


3.25mm (U.S. size 3), 3mm (U.S. size 2.5) and 2.25mm circular knitting needle for magic loop – 3.5mm  double pointed needles – 9mm black safety eyes – 12mm black safety nose – toy stuffing – tapestry needle – 4 stitch markers – 4 buttons


This is an advanced pattern for knitters with toy making experience


For all to purchase from Ravelry, Lovecrafts & Etsy