Soft Toy Collection

Mr Fitzwilliam Fox

Fitzwilliam Fox is the newest member of the Bakery Bears Family! He is a gamekeeper on a country estate in Bearbyshire. His favourite pastime is taking a walk on a crisp Autumn day.

Miss Gelato Giraffe

Gelato Giraffe has one of the best jobs in all of Bearbyshire! She runs her very own ice cream shop. Her favourite pastime is eating salted caramel sauce straight from the jar.

Mr Bakery Bear

Sometimes a Mrs needs a Mr and here he is. Mr Bakery Bear’s favourite pastime is motor boating, he likes nothing better than heading out on the water with his best friend Fitzwilliam Fox and a packet of Liquorice Allsorts. 

Mrs Bakery Bear

It’s the lady responsible for all of this! Meet Mrs Bakery Bear, the matriarch of all things Bakery Bear. Her favourite pastime is knitting blankets whilst listening to early Queen albums on her walkman.