The Swish and Flick Collective

The Burrow Wrap

The first official pattern in the collective is a soft and fluffy rectangular wrap. It was inspired by Molly Weasleys desire to always take care of her wonderful family. The Burrow Wrap uses fingering weight and lace weight held together. It can be a superb stash busting project! 

Whispers in the Walls

The second pattern in the collective are a gorgeous pair of socks. The design features cable and lace with additional detailing on the back of the sock. ‘Whispers in the Walls’ was inspired by the second book in the Harry Potter series.


The third pattern in the collective is a scarf/cowl hybrid. The design features a wonderful stitch pattern which is inspired by the mountains surrounding Hogwarts. ‘Moondust’ was inspired by the third book in the Harry Potter series. 

Twinkle & Dance

The fourth pattern in ‘The Swish and Flick Collective’ is a beautiful pair of socks. The design is inspired by the Yule Ball featured in the Harry Potter books by J.K.Rowling. 

Pink Sugar

The fifth pattern in the ‘Swish & Flick Collective’ is a gorgeous hat. ‘Pink Sugar’ was inspired by Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. 

Pattern Six

The sixth pattern in ‘The Swish and Flick Collective’ will be available on the 18th October 2019.

Pattern Seven

The collective will see its seventh and final pattern released on the 29th November 2019.

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