Sock Collection

How 'we' fold Socks

So you have knitted some wonderful socks and now its time to store them. Kay is here to show you our fool proof approaching to keeping your growing collection looking perfect!

Anatomy of a Sock

Join Kay as she talks you through the construction of socks and gives an overview of her approach to knitting them.

Kay's Two Stitch Closing

In this special tutorial, Kay shares her technique for closing the gap when knitting socks.

Garter Stitch Pick Up

Garter stitch on the side of a heel flap looks so neat, but how do you pick up the stitches? Watch this to find out!

Kitchener Stitch

So you’ve knit the perfect sock but you are left with that pesky hole at the toe! What we need is the BEST way to close it up and thanks to Lord Kitchener and World War One, we have the answer for you right here.

DPN Sock Series

Join Kay and Dan as they take you through a special six part series. From casting on to casting off, get ready to make some ‘DPN’ socks!

Magic Loop Sock Series

Brand new for 2022, join Kay in this seven part series as she teaches you how to knit socks using the magic loop method. An exclusive pattern is included with this series.

Ultimate Socks

It is time for Kay to share with you her ultimate recipe for the perfect socks. In this series she takes you through every step needed to create sock perfection. This series also covers how Kay plans and executes the knitting of scrappy socks.

Lace Sock Series

Join Kay as she takes you through a four part series where you’ll cast on and knit a pair of lace socks.

Moonstruck Socks

In this series, brand new for 2022, join Kay as she teaches you to make this exclusive new lace sock design. If you want to take your lace knitting to the next level, this is the series for you! 

Perfect SSK's

Kay is obsessed with creating the perfect looking gusset decreases. In this tutorial she shows you how to knit perfect slip, slip, knit decreases. 

Blocking Socks

Finishing off your projects perfectly is so important with blocking giving the most wonderful finish. Kay is here to share with you her secrets for blocking your socks. 

Ribbed Sock Special

Ribbed socks look wonderful and they give a great professional finish, but there are some unexpected challenges. Join Kay as shares with you all her tips and tricks so you can knit the perfect ribbed sock.

Choosing Contrast Yarns

In this tutorial special, join Kay as she shows you how to pick the perfect contrast yarn for your sock knitting. 

Knit a Contrast Heel

Adding a contrast heel can be a daunting task. Even when you do manage to create one, how do you get a perfect finish? Kay is here to share with you all her tips and tricks for one of her favourite sock knitting techniques!

Snowfall Socks

Join Kay for a very special five part series. This time she teaches you how to make a pair of socks she’s designed especially for you!