In 2018 we set out on our first quest. Over the course of twelve months we travelled across Yorkshire and County Durham in search of the perfect cup of tea. You can watch the complete series by selecting see more below. In April 2019 we began a new quest, this time we are in search of the perfect slice of cake. Each episode we will take you to a new patisserie in search of the perfect cake. Will we find it? Who knows, but we know this is going to be fun! Catch up with the series so far below….


Perfect Cuppa Tea

Are you ready for a trip around Yorkshire? Each episode join us as we visit a new tea shop. We’ll sample their wares then award them stars for the things they do well! At the end of the series we’ll crown a winner so YOU’LL know where to find the best cup of tea in Yorkshire! Binge watch the whole series by clicking ‘See More’! 

Perfect Slice of Cake

We all love cake don’t we?! But is it possible to buy the perfect slice of cake? In this series we’ll find out as we travel across Yorkshire and County Durham visiting a different patisserie every episode. We’ll try their cake with the Bakery Bear five star award waiting for the winner. There’s a new episode each month and you can watch the series so far by clicking ‘See More’.