My Favourite Colourways

Welcome to the home of Kays yarn dying series, ‘My Favourite Colourways’. Over three seasons join Kay as she shares with you the secrets of some of her favourite yarn colourways. These special editions of the show feature longer edits, detailed recipe lists and lots of additional reading.


Season Two

Now as one of our most popular shows, Kay is delighted to return in 2022 with a brand new season. Over six episodes running through the year, join her as she shares some old and some brand new favourite colourways! 

Season One

In 2021, Kay brought you her first ever full season of colourways. Over ten episodes join her as she dives into her potions books to share some of her all time favourite colourways.

Special Episodes

Join Kay in 2020 as she brings you her first ever episodes of her yarn dying show. Over three shows, join her for the first time as she takes you into her potions books to share some her favourite colourways. 

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