Dans Journeys

In 2017, Dan set out to really conquer the art of knitting. To coincide with that process beginning he started filming his own show, four seasons are now available to watch. Season one is all about the socks, season two see’s Dan begin his love affair with garments, in season three he tackles the art of steeking and in season four he tries to go it alone….


The Self-Contained Knitter

The time has finally come for Dan to branch out on his own and try to become a self-contained knitter. Join him in his new series as he strives to undertake every element of knitting an Icelandic colour work sweater without any help. Click ‘See More’ to catch up with the series so far. 

Return to the Centre of the Yoke

So Dan has finished his first ever colour work garment. How do you top that? By cutting his next colour work garment straight up the middle! Yes its time to knit a cardigan and that means STEEKING! So join Dan every month for another episode of the show as he tried to master the art of colour work. Click ‘See More’ to watch the complete series.

Journey to the Centre of the Yoke

The question was simple, is Dan a garment knitter? Over the course of 2018 he set out to answer that question. Join him in this eleven episode series as he casts on, and hopefully casts off, his first ever colour work garment. There will be highs and there will be lows, but this we assure you as a fun ride! Click ‘See More’ to access the complete series. 

The Dan & Lara Project

Dan begins his journey into his very own show with a year long sock challenge. Over the course of twelve episodes he plans to knit through all the patterns in ‘Sock Architecture’ by Lara Neel. Will he succeed in his mission? And what will he learn along the way? The complete series is available now to watch, just click ‘See More’ below.