Patron Only Podcast

In 2015 we launched our special, Patron Only Podcast. It is an hour long show with a focus on bringing together the Patron community. In January 2017, we started broadcasting that show live! There’s been fun, excitement and a few technical hitches, but that’s live broadcasting folks. Below you will find our latest seasons of the show, plus a select few of the past editions. Silver, Gold and Platinum Patrons watch the show live on YouTube, Bronze Patrons can access the recordings of the show here.

P.O.P. Live 2021

It is time for a brand new season of our famous live show! Join us every month as we broadcast live with amazing interaction with our audience. Ask us questions, interact with the rest of the viewing audience and so much more! We turn the tables and find our what’s on YOUR needles, plus our monthly check in with our ‘Amazonian Warrior Challenge’. 

P.O.P. Live 2020

Here at Bakery Bears HQ every year we try and take elements of what we do and take it up a notch. In 2020, our main focus was our P.O.P. Show. It’s time to take our live show and give it the production values you would expect!! The fun began in P.O.P. Live February, but you can find the complete season right here. 

P.O.P. Live 2019

Its time for a brand new era of our Patron Only Show. Finally we have found the perfect location for our show! So join Kay and Dan for a brand new year of shows, for the first time on YouTube AND for the first time in our Room of Requirement!

P.O.P. Live 2017-18

In 2017-18 we took our Patron Only Show live! Join us for all the shows in the season right here, as we return to our original Bakery Bears positions! 

P.O.P. 2015-16

Here is a selection of our first season of the Patron Only Podcast. This was the recorded show which ran from 2015-2016. We’ve made the first show accessible by everyone so please click ‘See More’ to watch the show. The rest of the season is accessible by Bronze Patrons and above. 

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Bronze Patrons can access all editions of the show

Silver plus patrons

Silver, Gold & Platinum Patrons can access all editions of the show AND watch new editions live