Cast On Collection

Long Tail

Kay commences our journey into cast on’s with a deep dive into perhaps the most common cast on there is.

Seamless Magic Loop

Do you get frustrated with your cast on’s and the little jog you get when knitting hats and socks or anything in the round? Kay is here to show you how to avoid this problem when using the magic loop method. 

Seamless DPN

Kay is here to show you how to avoid a jog when knitting in the round using short circulars or DPN’s. 


Join Kay as she takes you through every step of this unique cast on which creates a firm beautiful edge.

Crochet Provisional

This versatile cast on can be undone later in your project, to release live stitches that can then be worked.

German Twisted

This is the perfect cast on for tight knitters or anyone looking for a super stretchy cast on edge.

Tillybuddys Stretchy

Here’s another stretchy cast on, its also great for projects that start with ribbing.

Backwards Loop

You’ll find this cast on a must when knitting blankets or casting on stitches under the arms of garments. 

Judy's Magic

If you are looking for a seamless start to your knitting, this is the cast on for you! Perfect for toe up socks. 


This is similar to a knitted on cast on but with purls on the outside. It is a little more stretchy too.

Knitted On

This is the perfect cast on for small items like stuffies. This is the cast on Kay’s Mum used for everything and she added her own little twist which we share.

Turkish Cast On

The perfect cast on for toe up socks and its easier than you might expect! Kay is here to show you exactly how to do it.

Garter Tab

This cast on is often used for shawls. Its surprisingly straight forward, once you know how to do it! Thankfully Kay is here to show you how.