Bind Off Collection


If you are looking to turn a plain edge into a piece of sophistication, this is the bind off for you! 


This beautiful bind off sees your tail sewn through your bind off stitches to create a gorgeous edge to your work.


This bind off is super stretchy, fun to work and it’s no surprise this is Kay’s favourite.


This great bind off creates an edge which is stretchy, flexible and extremely uniform in stitch definition.

Tinas Special Bind Off

Join Kay as she shares with you the very first bind off her mum Christina taught her. She still uses it to this day on projects that need a firm edge.

Two Row

This bind off is perfect for afghans or scarfs but it could equally be used anywhere.


This bind off is the perfect way to turn a plain edge into something lovely.

Long Tail

If you are looking for a bind off to match a long tail cast on, THIS is the one for you.

Three Needle

This versatile bind off is most commonly found in garments. Its great fun to do and Kay is here to show you how! 

Kitchener Stitch

Most commonly used with socks, but also super handy for finishing off mittens its the bind off invented in the First World War! Join Kay as she shows you how to do the ‘Kitchener Stitch’.

In Ribbing

Sometimes you need this extra special bind off, where you stay in ribbing. Kay is here to show you how its done.